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“Finding the best wines, with a clear expression of the fine terroir they are from, with a close link to the centuries of traditions in wine making is what motives me every single day” - Inès

Inès Pradel de Lavaux is the 10th generation of one of the oldest Bordeaux wine families. The roots of the family wine business go back to as early at 1740. Nowadays, it owns prestigious Châteaux in the finest appellations of Saint-Émilion, Pomerol, Fronsac and Bordeaux, these are including Grand Cru Classés properties. On her journeys around the world, Inès made true wine discoveries. These wine treasures became the ‘Inès Secret collection’. All her wines are from wine regions with history where the tradition of wine making and growing grapes is passed from generation to generation. Follow Inès on her discoveries for the wine treasure from Bordeaux and join her on a trip to Spain to reveal another jewel; the D.O.P. Cariñena. Then her journey goes to Chile, where a Reserva from the Valle Central is found, while a powerful Chianti Classico wine was uncovered form Tuscany. It all starts with healthy vineyards, optimal growing conditions and delivering wines that are typical for its region, expressing terroir and the path of discovery. Discovery of the perfect blend, the best time to harvest and, above all, the discovery of the aromas and taste when opening and enjoying it. Inès Secret wines are like jewels: seductive, shining stars and a pleasure to bring as a special gift for special people. All wines are hand-packed with great care for detail. We welcome you to taste the different Inès Secret wines and find the best match with fine food from around the world.

Playing the piano in the early morning before sun rise, gives Inès inspiration for the day to come. It can be a next trip to an exciting wine area far away from home in Bordeaux. But the roots of a wine making family, keep her close to the vineyards too. After all, taking good care of the grapes will result in better wines. And maybe it is the sound of the piano that makes the wines even more special…

“Making new friends on my journeys and enjoying wines is heaven” - Inès

In many ways, a bottle of wine is a story. A story of words, years and people, woven into every glass. Our wine treasures honor an extraordinary story that began almost three centuries ago. The hand-selected finest grapes express the depth of the typical character found in the vineyards in each different wine region. An exciting and unique collection of wines that reflect our personal passion for wine.